Roger Interview in UNCUT (April 2005 issue)

John Hughes pureneasy at
Mon Mar 7 14:17:17 CST 2005

Scott, re

> Very true.....You know guys the older a person gets the grumpier they get,
> especially men. (Oh, this ought to stir things up :) but seriously, more
> pains and problems, and more slashing out at the people you love most.

One of the most interesting programmes recently on UK tv was a series
entitled "Grumpy Old Men" which included such luminaries as Rick Wakeman and
John Peel, who essentially sat around grumping about life in general.

I was astonished that so much of what makes me grumpy made all the en on the
show grumpy as well:-)

But then I'm 55, almost catching up with Rog & Pete!



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