L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Mar 6 23:04:56 CST 2005

>I'm not sure if we're about to hear any new material from them, specially 
>after the
"commercial failure" of RGLB and ORW.

Were these commercial failures?  They did sell the compilation to a lot of 
die hard Whofans who likely wouldn't have bought it otherwise, and I notice 
that compilation continues to do pretty well at  It's true that 
they didn't achieve any radio play to speak of, but I don't think that's the 
criterion these days.

That brings up another question.  What are the criteria for commercial 
success these days?

>Let's face it, it's safer for an act like The Who to keep on touring every 
>two or three years playing the old catalogue. Why should they risk it all 
>for the sake of proving them as an up-to-date creative unit?

Because they're artists and this is what they do?  The question is about 
retirement, I think.  Is there an age when musicians should retire from 
active work?  Most artists seems to love their art and continue working 
right on.  It's only if you're a bus driver or something that you "retire" 
and quit work to do the things you really want to do.

>I pray every day for new Who material, but if it comes from solo Pete or
solo Daltrey I'll be satisfied.

They're going to dribble it out to us a song at a time from now on.  Did you 
buy Roger's MOONLIGHTING album to hear the one new song he wrote and 
recorded for it?  ;)


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