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Sun Mar 6 22:25:36 CST 2005

Well, if you take a look at the whole story in perspective, TD have been
discussing a new album since 2002 - "20 years after their last album,
It's Hard" as you usually read on the papers. I'm not sure if we're
about to hear any new material from them, specially after the
"commercial failure" of RGLB and ORW. Let's face it, it's safer for an
act like The Who to keep on touring every two or three years playing the
old catalogue. Why should they risk it all for the sake of proving them
as an up-to-date creative unit?

I pray every day for new Who material, but if it comes from solo Pete or
solo Daltrey I'll be satisfied.

AKAMINE, Oswaldo
In Sao Paulo, Brazil

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I'm getting a bit restless with no news about album/tour.  Shouldn't we
getting at least some rumor mill tidbits by now?  Shouldn't they be
close to 
wrapping up production?  It's March after all, and supposedly they've
working in the studio for a number of months now.  The fact that there
is NO news 
concerns me.  Anyone else?

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