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Sun Mar 6 22:20:22 CST 2005

>I don't know that people are holding grudges; they're just holding
their original opinions, that's all.  I wouldn't want people to stifle
their thoughts just because they know others have differing views.
That doesn't sound like a healthy discussion.

That's not necessary.  The problem is resorting to personal attacks instead 
of addressing the discussion.  Some of these grudges have a history longer 
than I've been on the list, and I've seen others develop since I've been 
here.  You end up with a list where no one can say anthing without getting 

>>The problem is how to deal with the feeling that are bound to follow,
>those dark, depressive thought Pete says he struggles with.  Is there some 
>way to turn this to a positive period in his life?

>Pete's an artist.  He should pour his feelings into some sort of project.
We all thought he would create tons of songs to help him through
this crisis.  But maybe that hasn't happened.  Maybe he has writer's

I dunno.  There's been some discussion on other lists, and it seems people 
are hopeful.  I guess they  think the silence means Pete is working.

>He's said he doesn't like to collaborate with other song writers & yet
he's got Daltrey banging on his door every other day asking to be let
in so they can write together.  Perhaps he needs solitude to collect
his thoughts.  But isn't that why he sails?  ;-)

>And when is he going to finish his autobiography?  One would think
that would be the perfect solitary project for him - but perhaps he's
not feeling self-important enough at the moment to delve into his life

For some reason I thought he was working on it periodically.

>>I still think IGTC is the best place for it, but we're certainly not
>making much progress so far.

>Oh, thanks a lot!!  ;-)

Well, we had to take time out for Cousin Kevin and AEB to snarl at one 
another about Pete's arrest.  And we didn't even mention God yet.


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