L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Mar 6 22:03:52 CST 2005

>I'm getting a bit restless with no news about album/tour.  Shouldn't we be
getting at least some rumor mill tidbits by now?  Shouldn't they be close to
wrapping up production?  It's March after all, and supposedly they've been
working in the studio for a number of months now.  The fact that there is NO 
concerns me.  Anyone else?

Not really.  It seems like there would be a bit of secrecy and security 
about albums these days, as lot of them seem to appear as boots before 
they're officially released.  I'm sure they know this, too, as some of 
John's last cds circulated as boots in different versions as he worked on 
them--a problem of trusting too many people, I guess.

Anyhow, since Roger and Pete have said this wouldn't be released unless they 
were completely happy with it, I'd guess they're being careful about who 
they discuss it with and who has access to the tapes/files.  Since Pete has 
a studio in his house, maybe they're recording it there.


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