hypothetical Tommy movie re-make

Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Sun Mar 6 21:43:28 CST 2005

I think it's time to re-make Tommy.  Got the idea while watching Austin 
Powers- Goldmember.

Uncle Ernie- Mike Myers
Acid Queen- Beyonce Knowles

Any other thoughts on casting?  Here are a few of my ideas:

Nora: Madonna- has the great credentials of singer, performer, actress- and 
thrilled audiences with a movie opera (Evita).

Preacher/Hawker- Bono (who else?  Fots the role perfectly)

Specialist- Sting (let's get a real rocker and put the fire back into Go to 
the Mirror)

Uncle Frank- Jon Bon Jovi (not the worst actor in the world, the age should 
be about right and the pipes still work).

Pinball Wizard- Roger Daltrey (let's lose the stilts and get the guy who to 
this day sings this song better than anyone else).

Cousin Kevin- Eddie Vedder (I can hear those shaky, squeally lyrics right 
now).  Back up would be Vince Neal.

Now the big question: Who plays Tommy?  I'm stumped right now.  Would love to 
hear everyone's ideas on this one.  Who might make the film?  Cameron Crowe?


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