Johanna Johnson bohemianmother at msn.com
Sun Mar 6 10:30:00 CST 2005

In a book I am reading, it recalls that in the early days of The Who, If 
Roger didn't go around getting everything ready for the gigs, (including 
Pete), Pete (a Taurus) would lay in bed smoking weed all day.

I am not totally into astrology, but I definitely see alot of similarities 
of people born with the same sign.  Until I read that about Pete, I thought 
my Taurus daughter was just.....I don't know lazy.  Maybe lazy isn't the 
right word for the trait.  Some things she is very passionate about, but 
cleanliness/organization (in her room at least) are not one of them.

Sorry.  Not trying to pick at the sign.  Just trying to get some insight. :)

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