L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 6 08:36:22 CST 2005

>I thought you were always honest.   I try my best to be honest.   I don't
think anyone here is purposely deceptive.

Right.  Sometimes I'm not so direct, though.  ;)

We've been having this problem for a while--as long as posts are just 
informational, then everything is fine, but as soon as we try to have a 
discussion, it's like we're just picking up where the fight left off the 
last time.  I notice some very good contributors have etiher left in 
frustration or been run off the list because of the personal attacks.  
Others have resorted to lurkdom.  It's time to let go of these old grudges 
and move on.

>As to the discussion you were hoping to stimulate, I think if Pete were to
follow through on his crusade to rid the world of child porn, or put what
he wrote in A Different Bomb into action, this would help to cleanse his
soul - only if it needs cleansing.   Beyond that, I'm uncomfortable 
on how Pete feels at the moment.

I gather he doesn't feel that following through is the thing to do right 
now.  He might feel that it would cause a backlash or annoy the authorities, 
etc.  We'll have to respect his feelings on this, even though some on the 
lists want to be activist in pushing the case for his innocence.

I think Pete has come to terms with the child porn thing; he's apologized to 
his family, fans, etc. and went back to work.  He looked to be happy and 
occupied on the tour, which indicates his soul doesn't need cleansing of 
child porn.  However, it does sound like he might be suffering from the 
effects of the sex offender thing.  The problem is how to deal with the 
feeling that are bound to follow, those dark, depressive thought Pete says 
he struggles with.  Is there some way to turn this to a positive period in 
his life?

> >It's spring of a new year.  Could we find something positive to talk 

>If you are calling for a more harmonious discussion, then I'm all for that.

Yes!  That's it!

>If you're asking us to avoid discussion about Pete's arrest,.... then I 
that's impossible.  Especially when we all know that Pete is more deserving
than many of the folks who are currently hanging out with the queen.   All
this queen stuff just happened and Pete is not involved.  The reason is
obvious.  It's a topic of interest.

I agree with this.  I'm the one who brought it to the table for discussion.  
I'm interested in what's going on with Pete while Roger is so in the news, 
and since we don't have any direct evidence, we will have to speculate on 
the clues Roger has given us.  However, as soon as I asked for discussion, 
everybody sprang out with their fists up, just like six month haven't gone 
by since we last really tried to talk to one another.  If that's how it's 
going to go, then maybe I should look around for some other list to have a 
discussion on this.  I still think IGTC is the best place for it, but we're 
certainly not making much progress so far.


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