Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Sun Mar 6 07:35:49 CST 2005

 >>>I really don't give a damn about you Kevin.



 >>Nice to hear from you so frequently.    This is a good thread, so
please allow me to add my strands.

 >If you guys would allow me to be honest for a few seconds: it might help the
atmosphere here if you would move on a bit.  I was hoping for some good
discussion about how Pete can overcome spiritually, but instead this is
another outbreak of the same old resentment--which instantly killed any
possibility of communication.

 >It's spring of a new year.  Could we find something positive to talk about?


I thought you were always honest.   I try my best to be honest.   I don't
think anyone here is purposely deceptive.

As to the discussion you were hoping to stimulate, I think if Pete were to
follow through on his crusade to rid the world of child porn, or put what
he wrote in A Different Bomb into action, this would help to cleanse his
soul - only if it needs cleansing.   Beyond that, I'm uncomfortable speculating
on how Pete feels at the moment.

 >It's spring of a new year.  Could we find something positive to talk about?

If you are calling for a more harmonious discussion, then I'm all for that.
If you're asking us to avoid discussion about Pete's arrest,.... then I think
that's impossible.  Especially when we all know that Pete is more deserving
than many of the folks who are currently hanging out with the queen.   All
this queen stuff just happened and Pete is not involved.  The reason is
obvious.  It's a topic of interest.

Joe in Philly

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