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Wow, I didn't know that.  I am a little surprised, but now that you say it, 
it does kind of make sense.  I wouldn't call you moody or lazy by any 
stretch.  Another thing that Taurus's are is driven and THAT I think applies 
to you.

My daughter and her dad are Taurus's.  Question:  Can Taurus's be lazy as in 
they can't pick up after themselves, ever???

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>>I wonder if Pete is still with Rachel Fuller?  Maybe he is cranky 'cause 
>ain't getting any?
>We haven't heard anything from Pete.  Presumably Rachel is there in place, 
>and planning a huge party for his birthday coming up.
>>Pete is a Taurus and Taurus' are difficult to say the least.  Intense,
>moody, lazy....but brilliant and creative.
>Hmmm.  Did you know I'm a Taurus?   ;)
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