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Sun Mar 6 00:01:26 CST 2005

>>I was hoping for some good discussion about how Pete can
>overcome spiritually,

>Well, he seemed to get some relief by delving into his work.
Spending time on the 5.1 TOMMY & QUAD, etc.  But I can't
help but feel the shock of his ordeal is wearing off & he is
slipping into depression again.

Understandable.  It's sinking in just how long the five years is going to be 
and exactly what the disadvantages are.  Pete isn't feeling very spiritual 
just now.

>I have no proof of this, obviously.  It's all conjecture.  Maybe
he's feeling backed into a corner with this new album Daltrey
keeps clamoring for.  Perhaps that explains Daltrey's frustra-
tion in the recent interview.

I'd say it's more likely some conversation they've had that set Roger off.  
I don't think they would be working on an album right now.  The TCT concerts 
are coming up in about three weeks and Roger must be deep into the 
production details.  Maybe Pete has refused to play in the shows?

>Notice Daltrey says Pete "doesn't understand other people
& he fails to appreciate them."  And then - *immediately
after that statement* - Daltrey adds that Pete "never under-
stood...that he'd never have made it without The Who & that
makes me feel sorry for him."

>Sounds like Daltrey feels that Pete doesn't appreciate *him!*
And that's pissing him off. Why is Pete rejecting The Who?
Why is Pete rejecting Daltrey?

>In another segment Daltrey speaks of Pete's "jealousy."  Re-
garding the smashing of instruments & whether or not Pete
started it because Daltrey was pulling all the birds, Daltrey says,
Then again, knowing Pete, it probably also had something to
do with jealousy on his part."

>Could it be that Pete is lashing out at Daltrey because there *is*
some jealousy over Daltrey's recent accolades?

Sure.  There's got to be.  It's human to feel that way, and somehow I don't 
think Pete is the type who can bottle emotions up.  When he does that, they 
fester up and hurt, and then turn into self-destructive behavior.  So, he 
says ugly things to Roger, and maybe bashes up some instruments in his 
studio.  Has Rachel moved out yet?

>Pete sits in his house, a registered sex offender, while Daltrey
meets the Queen & is celebrated for his charity work.

There was that very nice quote from Roger that turned up in several of the 
articles where he said he was accepting for "those who couldn't be there," 
or something like that.  That means Roger knows it's something Pete has 
helped him do.  Since we don't have any news, it's hard to say what kind of 
fallout Pete is having from this sex offender thing.  From his last reports 
and from the tours, it seemed that things were going fairly well, but there 
are always surprises waiting, and the climate might not be so clear in the 
UK as we think.

>And now, Daltrey keeps nagging about new songs & a new album.
Could Pete be thinking, "Roger, just....go....away.  Leave me
alone.  Stop talking nonsense about this new Who album.
The Who are shit & always have been.  Fuck off."

>I guess we'll have to wait for a Pete interview, or a website
diary entry to get a better understanding of his current mood.

Martha Stewart is on TV as I type, in an interview she recorded before going 
to jail.  I posted a link to an article about her last week, too.  Folks are 
saying she reinvented herself while she was in prison and that she's come 
out a better and more humble person.  That may be just PR, but I'll bet it's 
not.  She's done her penance and she learned some things about life from it. 
  So, can Pete do something like this?  Turn it into art?  Or can we just 
expect the whole thing to turn him bitter?


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