Roger Interview in UNCUT (April 2005 issue)

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Mar 5 20:08:20 CST 2005

>>Remember a few years ago when Pete was on Letterman and he couldn't resist
>blasting Roger for touring with the British Rock Symphony?

>pete didn't blash roger for touring with the BRS. Letterman just asked how
roger was doing and he mentioned that "he's on tour with a big symphony
orchestra" to which he put on like a silly "interesting.." face on to which 
started laughing hysterically and dave asked "well, is that good?" and pete 
went, "well, yeah.." in a joking way and then said that bill curbishley 
the world to know that he dosen't actually manager roger daltrey. just on 
good things he does". now, that could mean anything ("vampirella", "buddy's
song", DST, etc.) it was all in good fun, nothing serious. what he WAS 
about was saying that he and roger now have a friendship that they've never 
before. that's blasting rog? I don't think so myself..

Right.  I thought it was really fun and entertaining, too.  However, I do 
think it was revealing of their opinions on the project--that Curbishley 
didn't want to be associated with it.  Roger said later that it was 
difficult and that if it hadn't been for the kids involved he would have 
quit.  I gather that the equipment and the support musicians didn't please 
him on that first tour because the next year he had Simon Townshend and Zak 
Starkey along.


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