Roger in Uncut

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Mar 5 19:42:59 CST 2005

>Sounds like Roger telling it in black and white as usual doesn't it?

Actually, Roger sounds to be in a bad mood generally, and has snarled about 
several things in this interview--not just Pete.  It would be interesting to 
know if he was this grumpy when they started, or if it was the interviewer 
who set him off.

>I give a lot of credit because he is the only one who will tell Pete the 
>truth.Alot of complaints I hear on the list about Pete/THE WHO etc are 
>because of his lackeys don't have the balls to tell him the truth.

The truth as Roger sees it, anyway.  Don't you think Roger sets off Pete's 
insecurities this way, though?  Pete tends to be defensive, I suspect, 
especially about the things that are personal to him--his creations, music, 

>He is a wise dude that one is for what 61?

Roger?  Yes, he was 61 on March 1.  Pete will be 60 in May.


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