Pete's Review of Sydney Show?

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Mar 5 12:25:18 CST 2005


Another factor is the remnants of the tyranny-of-distance cliche. It's not 
as bad as it used to be but Australia is still among the leftovers of most 
big-name tours. If you live in the US or Europe, you could see your 
favourite artists every year. Here we get to see most of the big-name 
artists every five years or so, sometimes less often.

Not surprisingly, then, when they do come there's a genuine burst of 
excitement - and a bit of pathetic gratitude - which can override whatever 
the show is offering. For example, last year when the Who toured Australia 
for the first time in 30-odd years, the excitement of the long-suffering 
audience was palpable. It was hardly surprising, then, that even though the 
Sydney show was more efficient than passionate (something Pete Townshend 
acknowledged afterwards), the response from the audience was rapturous and 
any suggestion that this wasn't exactly the best show possible was howled 


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