You are Forgiven........

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Sat Mar 5 10:16:25 CST 2005

From: "Kevin O'Neal" <kevinandt at>

>>An English Boy
>>You are Forgiven........
>>>Stop making this about me.
>>I really don't give a damn about you Kevin.
>Funny, you're the one who's been reading my posts for 2 years yearning for 
>some sign of my forgiveness to Pete.
>Sounds like you' Looooooove with me, Lew.
>Come on.
>Come out of the closet and admit your love.
>A dirty little forgiveness love, it is!
>Kevin in VT


I truly Love Kevin! There it is! I said it to......The World!

Kisses & Hugzs, Cousin Kevin m' Luv

Your darlin' AEB~

PS- Sorry I didn't send you flowers on Valentines Day!

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