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Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Mar 4 23:53:04 CST 2005

 > >From: "Kevin O'Neal" <kevinandt at>
 >>Stop making this about me.


 >I really don't give a damn about you Kevin.



Nice to hear from you so frequently.    This is a good thread, so
please allow me to add my strands.

You do give a damn about
Kevin, and everybody else on this list until they post something that
you don't agree with.  We are your audience, after all.   If this were
untrue, why do you post here, instead of just lurking for Who-related
news?   You think what you have to say is important enough for
other people to consider.   Well, you vain fucker!   You're right though;
until you act like a DICK.   Ya read that, I said you're acting like a dick.
I'm not calling you a dick, just observing that you're behavior is very
dick-like.  You know, putting on that dick suit and poking at people.

Lewis A.E.B. Campbell, wtf?

You're accusing Kevin of not forgiving Pete like this is some kind of
Pete fan litmus test.  Pete fucked up!  Our hero fucked
up!  He will suffer from the impact for the rest of his life.   His legacy
will always have the sex offender footnote attached to it.   He can't erase it.
You can't erase it.     Based on your  previous posts that
offered insight, and well written discourse I conclude that you're
either having a bad day, or have a personal beef with Kevin.

I hope you're having a bad day.   ;-)

Even if you call Kevin or anyone else a non-believer because he recognizes
that Pete's sex offender branding will have,
and is having a lasting effect on his life - the outcome is the same - Pete
Townshend is not Sir Peter Townshend.   It is *very* unfortunate and I
feel bad for him.

That's what Kevin was posting about.  Pete will not be knighted; although
he deserves it more than anyone else in his genre that is presently
un-knighted (me included)   It is a shame, but not unexpected -
even by the most devoted fans (ask Anna McCormick.)

My only hope is that once Pete is removed form the list, the authorities
will see fit to consider all of his contributions to British society and the
civilized world and come to their senses.   His future removal from the list
only offers hope.   Do I care whether he is knighted or commandeered?
Only for his sake.  I would rather have more music and another tour.

Thanks for reading.

Joe in Philly

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