Roger Interview in UNCUT (April 2005 issue)

Fri Mar 4 20:30:33 CST 2005

well, if it's true that roger said these things and said them straight out 
without someone giving him quotes or anything like that, then yes, it's possible 
he's saying these things because pete dosen't wanna do a new who album. why 
is pete usually willing to do things on his own while roger is usually the one 
who wants to do something as "the who"? money possibly. whenever he tours by 
himself or whenever he releases a solo album, it makes nothing. i'm surprised 
the BRS lasted as long as it did. i'm not being harsh, i'm telling you the 
truth as I see it. I really don't blame pete for wanting to do a new album as "the 
who". the who ain't the who anymore, let's face it. like I said before, the 
who on that houston 75 DVD isn't the same as the who in 2005. they don't have 
that energy anymore, not as great as they were. "you can't reheat a souffle" as 
someone once said. I wouldn't be surprised if this "new who album" thing was 
all roger's idea and pete is just strolling along just to please him.  well, I 
guess we'll see what develops as time goes on. 

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