You are Forgiven........

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Fri Mar 4 15:09:54 CST 2005

from An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at

>>My Question to _you_ is:
>>Sod the public and how the British Government and the Queen feel about 
>>when are _YOU_ going to forgive him?

From: "Kevin O'Neal" <kevinandt at>

>Ahhhh, good English Boy, you assume I haven't.
>Although, I'm never quite sure what "forgiving" really means.
>I've come to terms with what happened long ago.
>That doesn't mean I can't see that certain things will be off limits to 
>Pete, no matter what.


Your words have not, in the two years hence, given any indication of
forgiveness to this reader's eyes, Kevin. The balance of what you have
said I have no argument with. I question, only, when it is that you,
or your use of words, will indicate forgiveness for Pete's actions.

I, myself, have never had anything to forgive Pete for, because, I do not
feel that he was in any violation of my own, man's, or God's law.

"Each to his own sewage." as Jimmy would say!


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