Who DVDs?

Christian Naess revolium at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 11:38:31 CST 2005

>Oh, and I forgot to mention... the seller told me to
expect more releases like Houston in the near future.
He wouldnt give any details yet, but he's going to let
me know as and when...

>Tanglewood maybe?

Yes, maybe, BUT (ever raising hopes higher than the
state of consciousness) it might be even more exciting
than that.

We didn't really discuss this back then, but in
November/December when 4 Reel were announcing the
Houston-show, they were also announcing Bob Dylan at
the Isle Of Wight 1969, AND (if I didn't get them very
wrong) told us to expect a Who-release from that very
same festival.

Unlikely, you might think, as the gig probably wasn't
professionally shot, but from the bonus material on
the Bob Dylan DVD one can always hope...

>From theband.hiof.no:

"We have received information on a number of planned
releases over the next couple of months... from the
4Reel Productions camp comes word of some very
impressive DVD titles... closer to Christmas are Bob
Dylan Isle of Wight 1969, which is going to cause a
lot of buzz!.. and will also feature some surprise
bonus material... audience recorded, twenty-five
minutes of Bob's set, some of The Band's preceding set
and another set from The Band at another European
venue of the same time period. It is black & white and
from a Super-8 cine camera or similar and was shot
from the press pit so it is very close." 

Then there's of course the HotWacks statement, where
it is actually mentioned:

"Coming in November will be LED ZEPPELIN "Knebworth
1979" (the 8/11/79 complete Pro Shot video) and will
actually be released under the Genuine Bastard
moniker...this one is supposedly an upgraded version
of the heralded, generic label triple Japanese DVD
that was out this past Summer... AND THE WHO "Houston
Summit 1975" from 4Reel!...Their other scheduled DVD
titles expected to street closer to Christmas are BOB
DYLAN "Isle OF Wight 1969", which is going to cause A
LOT OF BUZZ!..and will also feature some surprise
bonus material...and also THE WHO "Isle Of Wight

Now, all the mentioned releases above are now
available EXCEPT The Who "Isle Of Wight 1969". What
can it be? Is it really 4 Reel after all? I guess we
have to wait and see. Maybe the Super-8 cam in the
press pit was running during Who's set as well? I
doubt the Super-8 has sound, but there are soundboard
tapes from the '69-festival floating around (Free,
Dylan), or maybe they've dubbed it with the audience
recording? Bad news is Who played the day before

I apologize for the empty speculations, but once
someone mentions it – I can't help it! Can we expect
two miracles in a row? I'd be happy with Tanglewood.
Or even

In the meantime HotWacks announced this:

2/23/05: "The new batch of DVD-R titles from Cat's
Meow include THE WHO "Germany 1981" that features
their Rockpalast performance."

OK, then! ;)

- Chris

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