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Fri Mar 4 10:30:53 CST 2005

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> >Subject: RE:  The Queen's Reception
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> >
> >>I think it is wonderful for Roger, but I kind of feel sorry for Pete...
> >
> >Pete's time will come.
>You really must stop smoking crack.
> >  He's doing penance for whacking the UK society with
> >his guitar.
>More like he's been permanently black-balled for the whole pedophilia 
>Innocent or not, he never....ever....will be knighted or anything else.
>No way, Josey.
>It ain't gonna happen.
>I agree with Sandy.
>This is very sad.
>And, I'd bet anything that despite what Pete may say, it's pissing him off 
>something big.
>After Macca and Elton, I can't think of anyone else more deserving of a 
>knighthood than Pete.
>But, he screwed himself with the flash of his credit card.
>Jumped the shark.
>It's done.
> >What do you guys think about the effect of the penance?  Is there some
> >spiritual benefit for Pete?
>Spiritual benefit?
>To be reminded in such a brutal and public way how unfair life is?
>Kevin in VT



My Question to _you_ is:

Sod the public and how the British Government and the Queen feel about Pete,
when are _YOU_ going to forgive him?


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