The Queen's Reception

Wed Mar 2 23:30:52 CST 2005

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pkeets at writes:

> Being American, I see no reason why Roger and Pete both shouldn't be able 
> to 
> transition between different roles.  Once you reach that age and level of 
> success, there's no reason to let class politics cut you off from people and 
> events that could be an advantage.  The Who has needed a candidate in there 
> for some time, and Roger's a real charmer. ;)  However, I'd have loved to 
> see Pete standing in that line beside Clapton.

well, we still have david bowie who I hear has recieved letters from the 
royal family themselves requesting him to be knighted but has repeatedly turned it 
down.  as for pete and clapton in the same line, hell, there's a photo of 
Jeff beck, clapton and Jimmy page standing in a row and these guys all passed 
through the yardbirds. I think that's a neat shot even though the queen is 
standing in front of them and has no idea who she's meeting. 

can I ask if roger is a charmer, why is that almost every story I hear of 
someone meeting roger, they say he's an arrogant SOB? either that or a "sexist 
pig"? ha. 

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