The Queen's Reception

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Mar 2 23:18:41 CST 2005

>well, speculation about pete holding a grudge against roger could be 
to that of keith richards holding one against mick for being knighted.  pete
probably isn't getting his "due" because of that pedophile conviction. 
be cool for the queen to hang around with someone who is on a sex offenders'
list now would it?

I think Keith Richards came right out and said he was pissed about Mick.  
And, no, definitely not.  I'm sure the Queen's social secretary will protect 
her from besmirtchment.  ;)

BTW, I wonder why she wasn't briefed beforehand about who would be at the 
reception.  It can't be good press for her to say things like that to 
prominent citizens of the UK.  There were 500 guests from some of the news 
reports, but still that social secretary should have been at her elbow 
whispering a brief history before she got into such deep water.

>as far as i'm concerned, rockers who are now in their 50's or early 60's 
are british, most of them have lost their balls. hangin around with the 
and all, suckin up to her as if they're apologizing for possibly sleeping 
princess diana (oh, i'm so bad am I?! ::wink:: ) either that or they're
trying to get access to prince charles and camilla parker bowels' upcoming 
it's really rediculous how hypocritical aging rock stars can be. didn't the
who use the union jack more as a symbol against the establishment than for 
wasn't the union jack draped over the amps like a symbol of rebellion rather
than a symbol of british patriotic pride? what happened to the truth? what
happened to the dream? what happened to all that lovely hippy shit?! ; )

Heheh.  Very funny.  But, I'm under the impression this is a HUGE turn 
around for Roger.  Pete has always been fairly middle class and upwardly 
mobile so he mixes well with the upper classes.  However, Roger has held on 
to his working class values, and methinks I have detected a strong bias 
against royals in some of his previous behavior.  It wasn't until they've 
gotten into this heavy charity work that Roger has begun meeting with MPs 
and now royals.  However, it looks good on him so far.

Being American, I see no reason why Roger and Pete both shouldn't be able to 
transition between different roles.  Once you reach that age and level of 
success, there's no reason to let class politics cut you off from people and 
events that could be an advantage.  The Who has needed a candidate in there 
for some time, and Roger's a real charmer. ;)  However, I'd have loved to 
see Pete standing in that line beside Clapton.

No comments on the possible spiritual quality of Pete's penance?


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