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Wed Mar 2 23:19:37 CST 2005


We can now get the new UK only Roger Daltrey - "Moonlighting" and John 
Entwistle - "So Who's The Bass Player?" 2 CD anthology sets.  Our first batch sold 
out but more are coming.

This 2 CD set covers Roger's solo career and features a new studio song ("A 
Second Out") as one of 37 tracks.  The set comes in a limited slip case cover.  
The price is $28.

The John Entwistle set is also 2 CD's with a limited slip case cover.  Of the 
38 tracks on the set 8 of them are live.  This CD is also $28.

Shipping is extra and depends on what's ordered.

We have more copies coming back in very soon so we can take care of you - and 
can get more from the UK as needed too.  If you would like to place an order 
please let us know what sets you would like.  All orders need to be pre-paid.  
We take credit cards via Paypal - use BiggsCVC at as the account to pay 
into -  or you can send payment to CVC, 2600 W. Henderson Way, Clarksville, TN 
37042.  As soon as we receive your payment we will order your set from the UK 
or ship them as they arrive.

Thanks for reading - we hope to serve you soon.

Greg Biggs/CVC Collectables

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