The Queen's Reception

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Mar 2 10:02:51 CST 2005

>Don't you think Pete has to hold a small grudge towards Roger for all of
this? Not that it is Roger's fault, but nothing much ever was and Pete still 
upset with him. Now, here is Roger being best buds with the Queen and Pete 
left out.

Well, I hope it's not too bad.  ;)   I read a while back that if you get a 
great new car in the US, your neighbors wish they had one, too.  But, if you 
get a great new car in the UK, all your neighbors hope you'll crash.  I 
guess that means there are some people around who hope Roger will crash and 
burn somehow over this, but that's no reason for Roger to stop what he's 
doing.  He is, after all, building bridges that may lead to something great 
for himself and his associates (Pete) later on.

>I think it is wonderful for Roger, but I kind of feel sorry for Pete...

Pete's time will come.  He's doing penance for whacking the UK society with 
his guitar.

There was a troll at the IMDB message board that came in with the typical 
opinion and when he'd heard the support team he said, "Just raise awearness 
by doing a concert or raising money instead of playing Super Hero."  The 
answer is that he does these all the time, but who's heard of it?

I still hope Pete makes some kind of statement in music about this--a 
response to the establishment that stuck him on that list--as it's such an 
interesting thing to have done.  I'd like to hear a little bit of his 
feelings channeled into art.

What do you guys think about the effect of the penance?  Is there some 
spiritual benefit for Pete?


P.S.  Oh, yeah.  Halliwell didn't make a good impression.

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