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> Yeah, but you shouldn't have to read [the liner notes] to follow the

Says who?

> This seems to be a problem Pete is wrestling with.  I can follow Tommy and
Quad without
> the notes, though of course I get more out of the music if I read up on
> background.  However, as Pete went on through his career, he got more
> obscure.  White City, Iron Man and Psychoderelict require a script to
> the story.  It's impossible to pull the story out, even though Pete
> it to be there when he was writing the music.

You see it as "wrestling", I just see it as experimenting with different
ways of doing things.  If Pete intended the story to be in the music, then
why did he put the liner notes in Iron Man and the dialog in Psychoderelict?
White City is entirely indecipherable as a story from the album.  I don't
think Pete intended that you would know the story unless you've seen the
film, which I haven't.  I notice you didn't mention Lifehouse, which he had
originally intended to be a film and ultimately created a radio play.

> Excellent theme, but still it's hard to pull this out of the lyrics.  The
> whole thing is so understated that it's obscure--inaccessible.

Inaccessible if you either can't read or are just too stubborn to read the
liner notes!

>>Read the liner notes

> I don't want to.

Then don't blame Pete, who put them there, if you don't understand the

>>I wonder if the beautiful girl trapped in the dragon is based on Sylvia

> Not I.  Hughes was very close-mouthed about his relationship with Plath,
> unless he scribbled some liner notes, we're unlikely to know.  ;)

All I know is what's in the movie "Sylvia."  Going solely by that, I'd find
it hard to believe that Hughes could write a character that's a beautiful,
innocent girl trapped in the body of flesh-eating dragon without thinking of
her.  At the end, the dragon explodes scattering jewels over the whole
world, much as Sylvia left her poems.  How could this character *not* have
something to do with her?

Jim M

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