if you believe this..

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Jan 31 01:00:35 CST 2005

> In a message dated 1/31/2005 1:43:21 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> bkawak at chartertn.net writes:
>> Dave Davies had a stroke last year and was at least
>> partially paralyzed for a time
> well, last I heard dave was doing pretty good and held an exhibit of his
> artwork to benefit the tsunami victims.

That's still a very long way from being able to play concerts.  This article 
is from a few days ago:

So what's up with Dave now, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did, because I did a 
little research, and here's what I found out. He is well on his way to 
recovery, possibly a full recovery, after spending a fair amount of time in 
a London physical rehabilitation center. A BBC online report said he was, 
"... paralyzed on the right-hand side of his body, but he retains some 
feeling and he can still hold a guitar plectrum."

Plus, before his stroke I had heard from someone in the Kinks camp that Dave 
had no interest in reforming the Kinks at all, even though there is a 
standing offer on the table ($$$).


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