if you believe this..

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Jan 31 00:42:16 CST 2005

> Tickets for the shows will go on sale throughout this week and close 
> sources
> claim that the tour will begin as early as mid-February and end in April
> i'm so sorry guys, everything there is all made up by little ol' me.... 
> ha!

I caught on as soon as you said the tour would be from mid-Feb to the end of 
April.  No way would his voice last that long and who would be going to 10 
weeks worth of shows?  He'd have to play bars and that will never happen 
because of the smoke.

> BUT, it would be nice if "moonlighting" was released in the US, and the 
> who's
> new album be released this year, and the kinks getting back together.. ha!

Unfortunately, there most likely won't be another Kinks concert of any sort 
in the near future.  Dave Davies had a stroke last year and was at least 
partially paralyzed for a time.


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