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JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Sun Jan 30 23:58:56 CST 2005

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey will announce tomorrow his first ever tour of 
the UK as a solo artist to promote his solo compilation "Moonlighting" which 
has just been released via Sanctuary Records in the UK today, January 31st.
Tickets for the shows will go on sale throughout this week and close sources 
claim that the tour will begin as early as mid-February and end in April where 
he and others will join forces for a week-long series of concerts at London's 
Royal Albert Hall to benefit the Teenage Cancer Trust. Sources close to the 
charity have said that Robert Plant will take part in the series of shows, as 
will The Kinks (in their first ever live performance together in a decade) and 
it is even rumored that The Rolling Stones will share the bill with American 
counterparts Aerosmith. 

What is to expect in the setlist for Roger's solo tour? Well, a selection of 
Who material, including some never performed onstage since the 1970's and 
early 1980's ("Dreaming From The Waist", "One Life's Enough", etc.), his solo hits 
("After The Fire", etc.) and he will even preview some new material The Who 
have been working on for their upcoming new album which Roger will take a few 
days off in between tour dates to continue finishing. The Who's new album will 
be released sometime in the Summer and there are reports of a possible 
Who/Rolling Stones stadium tour in Europe, and a Roger solo tour for the US in the 
Fall, which is when the "Moonlighting" compilation will be released there. 

i'm so sorry guys, everything there is all made up by little ol' me.... ha! 
BUT, it would be nice if "moonlighting" was released in the US, and the who's 
new album be released this year, and the kinks getting back together.. ha! 

sorry guys. couldn't help it. : )

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