Beatles 4th Place

Sun Jan 30 13:56:00 CST 2005

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Sroundtable at writes:

> I 
> don't think U2 is such great shakes live, either.  Bono does his thing, but 
> the 
> others don't move a whole lot.  I remember U2 at last year's Superbowl (or 
> the year before- can't remember) and while Bono ran around, Edge and the 
> others 
> didn't do much.

I however believe that U2, along with the who and even springsteen, are the 
greatest live act to check out. I thought their super bowl performance was by 
far the best one i've ever seen. and I think it was the only one that didn't 
have any pyro effects. hey, anything was better than that stupid Janet Jackson 
thing.. ha! and sir paul will perform this year's halftime show. 

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