pete & ray davies writing songs

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Jan 30 12:32:43 CST 2005

>>tjhis is from relayers list,he is talking about plant.

>>"Just back from soundcheck with famous rockstar guy for tonight's
show. He says he's playing the first night of the TCT at RAH withKasabian
and the Bees. Thursday night is a "songwriting thing" with Pete
Townshend and Ray Davies."

>Did I miss something?  How does Plant make it into this mix?  I don't
remember seeing his name in the post.  Is there some Plant/Davies collab 
news that I
missed at some point?

The quote isn't real clear, but I think we have this sorted out.  I gather 
the "famous rockstar guy" is Plant and that he's the one playing TCT on the 
first night with Kasabian and the Bees.  Then Thursday night there is 
something to do with Townshend and Davies.  As for what it is, your guess is 
as good as mine.  ;)


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