Face Dances Release

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 30 12:25:58 CST 2005

>>Another inaccuracy that's been pointed out is that Faces Dances came out 
>>in 1979.

>Are you sure about this?  I always thought FD was 1981 and IH was 1982.  
almost positive that this is the case, but not 100% at the moment.  I 
thinking one day that The Who made a mistake by releasing an album with a 
drummer too soon after Moon's death, then when I researched it found that FD
actually didn't come out until 81.

Actually, your'e right.  W.D. Keller says it was released on Warner Bros. WB 
HS 3516 in March, 1981.  He also lists the copyright as 1981.  I didn't 
check, but reported a comment from another list. Someone else mentioned that 
the date Roger married Heather looks to be wrong in the article.


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