Beatles 4th Place

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Sun Jan 30 12:24:09 CST 2005

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What do you suppose they're going to do with the Beatles?  Stick them in 
fourth place?

They don't even make the list as a live band.  Their live performances were 
rather stiff, at least in the early days (aside from those "shameless" little 
head shakes on the "ooooohs."  Of course, they didn't need to be wild because 
the crowds of screaming girls occured regardless.  But, really, there are 
probably 50 bands I would rather see in a 2 hr concert video than The Beatles.  I 
don't think U2 is such great shakes live, either.  Bono does his thing, but the 
others don't move a whole lot.  I remember U2 at last year's Superbowl (or 
the year before- can't remember) and while Bono ran around, Edge and the others 
didn't do much.



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