The Who Mailing List Digest, V12 #15

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sun Jan 30 10:28:12 CST 2005

Lela, re

> > Here's a reminder that Roger's MOONLIGHTING compilation will be released
> > Monday.  It may also be listed as JUST A BOY in such places as
> > The price is a bit steep if you're buying it as an import, but it looks
> > a good buy just to get all these tracks together.
> >
> > It also includes songs Roger has written like "Blues
> > Man's Road" and "A Second Out" which seems to have been recorded late
> > year just for this album. If nothing else, curiousity should get the
best of
> > you. ;)

I've got it. It's a decent compilation alone on disc 1, and the collection
of "non official solko album" tracks brings together a few I havent heard
before, but what would have been better is dropping the live "b-sides" for
the few tracks like Gimme some loving and the Tin man's lament which have
been omitted.

The new song, A second out, was co written with STEVE McEwan of UnAmerican
when they supported the Who in 2000, and is a pleasant country style ballad.

Ed Hanel wrote the liner notes on a fold out "mini poster" style jewel case

All in all, not too bad.



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