Robert Stigwood to remake Tommy - as a cartoon!

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Sun Jan 30 05:27:34 CST 2005

There is an astonishing story in today's Mail on Sunday (an UK newspaper)
that Robert Stigwood is planning to remake Tommy as a cartoon.

The story quotes

"Robert Stigwood plans to use some of the biggest names in music as the
voices that will bring Pete Townshend's '60's masterpiece back to life "

"... he will not spare the expense. Recent cartoon hit The Polar Express
cost almost £90 million but Stigwood's (Tommy) project is likely to cost
double that"

"Stigwood, 70, refuses to be drawn on who will star in the new animation,
but likely targets include Bono and Robbie Williams"

"And the role of Uncle Ernie ... could suit Oasis bad boy Liam Gallagher"

"It will feature the biggest names in the music industry"

"Pete Townshend is right behind this, said Stigwood, who will base himslef
in Los Angeles or Australia to make the film, which will have a completely
new soundtrack"

Well, after checking that I hadn't suddenly lost two months and it was
April 1st, I leave you dear readers to decide if there is any truth in
this, and think on the fact that if there is, that's another Tommy
soundtrack and dvd/video to buy!!



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