The Star (U.K.) on Roger

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jan 29 18:24:07 CST 2005

>>>[Roger's limo hits a guy and] "Hey, we're all friends here and not at all
>>potential adversaries in a lawsuit, right?"  At the time he said the
>>band was really good, but I can't even remember their name now and they
>>disappeared (of course) without a ripple.
>>But that was a publicity hoax, right?

>Not that I remember.  If you have info to that effect, post away.

All I know about it is hearsay, of course, but I read that on one of these 
Internet lists.  This has been several years back so Lord know where and 
when or who posted it.

You're right that this seems to be obscure now, but I'll see what I can 
find.  First, is this the guy?


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