pete and ray davies writing songs

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Jan 29 18:36:19 CST 2005

> > Just back from soundcheck with famous rockstar guy for tonight's
> > show. He says he's playing the first night of the TCT at RAH with 
> > Kasabian and the Bees. Thursday night is a "songwriting thing" with 
> > Pete Townshend and Ray Davies.
> Whooo.  This is cool.  Do you mean there's a collaboration going on 
> between Plant, Davies and Townshend?

A Plant, Davies, Townshend collaboration sounds like a mess to me.
It's hard to tell in John's above comment what "Thursday night" references.
Does he mean that this Thursday Pete, Plant, & Ray Davies are getting 
together for a "songwriting thing?"  Or does he mean that the "Thursday 
night" *during the TCT multi-day event* will feature Pete & Ray?  If that's 
the case, it could mean other artists will simply *cover* songs by Townshend 
& Davies  - as a "songwriting" tribute kind of a "thing."  (?)

- SCHRADE in Akron

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