Moonlighting Review

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Jan 29 18:15:11 CST 2005

Here's a review of Moonlighting from Relayers by way of the Roger Daltrey 

"Just got the new anthology, the new song A Second Out is actually a
country style accoustic ballad, co written with Steve McEwan of
UnAmerican when they toured with the Who. It's recorded with McEwan
playing accoustic guitar and Dave Stewart (Eurhythmics) playing

The liner notes are written by Ed Hanel.

Nothing more to say on it really, it's - to me at least - a decent
anthpology, pulling together a decent amount of tracks from other

Anyone wants to repost this to the Shout, igtc or O&S feel free.

The double CD comes out on Monday 31at in the UK and should cost
around £12.99.



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