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Sat Jan 29 08:17:32 CST 2005

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> The dialog is likely what's missing here.  This is about the same period 
> as Psychoderelict, where he actually issued an album with the script on 
> it.  I bet that cut down the liner notes a lot.

There are liner notes in Iron Man which completely explain the story and 
place the songs in context.

> You mean the dragon, right?  I don't see anything about her [in Dig].  The 
> lyrics mention "a beast" but that's such a general reference that I'd more 
> likely take it for evil in general.

That's one level.  The more direct reference is that the Iron Man is the 
beast, at this point in the story.  That's exactly what I'm talking about. 
The Iron Man was judged by the old men with hate, narrow-mindedness and 
bigotry as being evil.  They reacted to the unknown with fear and anger. 
Only the young, un-cynical Hogarth saw the good in him when he looked into 
his eyes (A Friend Is a  Friend).  Later in the story, though, Hogarth's 
naivety allows him to fall in love with the dragon because he could see a 
beautiful face trapped inside, which turned out to be one of the children 
she ate!  In the end Hogarth's ability to see past superficial appearances 
to the good inside saved the world and led him to his love, the girl who was 
released when the dragon exploded.  I'd say the main theme of the story is 
one of acceptance, and the message starts with Dig.

> I agree it's a very nice song, but I'm just having a hard time reading all 
> that you do into it without the context of the story.

Read the liner notes;  It's all there.

By the way, I wonder if the beautiful girl trapped in the dragon is based on 
Sylvia Plath.  Has anyone read the Ted Hughes book Iron Man is based on?


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