Pete in Guitarist magazine

John Hughes pureneasy at
Sat Jan 29 03:26:55 CST 2005

Everyone, re

> > Pete in Guitarist magazine
> >
> > The new issue of Guitarist magazine (Feb 2005) carries
> > an 8 page article about Pete and the band (as well as
> > a cover shot), looking at how the band changed the
> > ace of sixties guitar rock.
> >
> > If anyone reads this article, please provide a review, particularly of
> > any recent information or statements from Pete that might give us some
> > insight on what's going on.

The article has absolutely nothing whatsoever about current plans, it's
about Pete's guitar playing - with bits about Marshall amps, Hendrix,
feedback, Shel Talmy and it feels like it was lifted out of Marsh and
Barnes's books.


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