Ronnie Lane Film in the Works

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jan 28 23:23:41 CST 2005

Repost from The Grid:

>I posted this message on the Faces Forum, and I thought I'd update everyone 
>here about a documentary of Ronnie Lane's life called 'The Passing Show.' 
>It's still in the works and progressing nicely. The film is projected to 
>air on BBC TV in the late summer and also to be released on DVD.

During our Christmas holiday in London, we had the very good fortune to get 
a sneak peek of the footage courtesy of one of the film's producers at the 

I was simply amazed at the love and dedication invested in this project. I 
can't even begin to fathom the countless hours and hard work that went into 
the planning, research, interviewing, and editing process. The footage was 
so brilliant and so vast, it must be very difficult to piece it all together 
and decide what will be used and what must be edited. Hopefully some of the 
extra bits will be included as bonus footage on the DVD. I was so engrossed, 
I could have watched and listened to the interviews and music footage all 

We watched interview snippets with Ronnie's family and friends, including 
Pete and Ian McLagan. Mac was interviewed for the film at Westmoreland 
Terrace in Pimlico. This was the home where three of the Small Faces (all 
except Kenney) resided together for one year. It was wonderful to see Mac 
back in the house for the first time in over 30 years. All the wonderful 
memories came flowing back to him, and the interview was truly inspired. The 
filmmakers worked effortlessly to track down Ronnie's music pals, and 
include their stories in the film. Personal interviews with family and 
friends, concert footage, photos, and Ronnie's own voice are woven together 
to tell the tale of this unsung hero.

I'll be sure to keep you informed on the Grid, so stay tuned...

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