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L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jan 28 20:56:10 CST 2005

>There were a couple of (what I thought were) innaccuracies in that article, 
>that I'm sure someone out there can straighten out. First, the knocking out 
>of Pete certainly didn't happen during the filming of Quadrophenia, which 
>was released in '79 and had no band appearance in it.  I thought that this 
>was an incident spawned by Pete's big head after the success of Tommy when 
>they were recording Quadrophenia.

The article is correct about this.  It's not the film Quadrophenia Roger's 
talking about, but the opera.  The recording was done.  They had planned to 
film a rehearsal, but the film crew apparently never got the cue to start 
filming and even missed the fight.

>Second, didn't Daltrey invite Pete to join the band, and not the other way 

Right.  The Detours was Roger's band.  John Entwistle (an obvious choice) 
joined first, and then recommended his buddy Pete for rhythm guitar.

Another inaccuracy that's been pointed out is that Faces Dances came out in 


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