Iron Man

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Jan 28 20:44:03 CST 2005

>>I guess there were twice this many songs?  Maybe that would help.  If I
>didn't know how this story ran, I would NEVER figure it out from Pete's 

>You could say that about all of Pete's operas.  Even the double albums 
really explain the story fully.  Luckily there are usually liner notes or
dialog to fill in the gaps.

The dialog is likely what's missing here.  This is about the same period as 
Psychoderelict, where he acutally issued an album with the script on it.  I 
bet that cut down the liner notes a lot.

>>I really like the way Roger sings this on the '89 tour video, but again, I
>don't think the song carries a lot of weight.  I through it makes a simple 
>metaphoric statement and then the rest of it is embellishment on the same 
>theme.  Where do you see that about "indictment of hate, narrow-mindedness 
>and bigotry"?

>The main theme of the story is not to judge by appearances, good or bad.
When the Iron Man first appears, he is frightening and misunderstood, but
turns out to save the world from a monster who was so beautiful Hogarth fell
in love with her from afar.

You mean the dragon, right?  I don't see anything about her there.  The 
lyrics mention "a beast" but that's such a general reference that I'd more 
likely take it for evil in general.

>The song Dig exposes that irony with a simple
metaphor, as you say, but just about every word is laced with symbolism and
multiple meanings.  Light, beast, resurrection, soul, it's actually quite a
spiritual song; "the last meets the least by the watering hole."  We're all
equal, none greater or less than any other...The Sea Refuses No River.

I agree it's a very nice song, but I'm just having a hard time reading all 
that you do into it without the context of the story.  Is this what you mean 
is an "indictment of hate, narrow-mindedness and bigotry": "the last meets 
the least by the watering hole"?


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