Iron Man

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Jan 25 21:05:22 CST 2005

>>I like Iron Man a lot...

>Me, too.  I have no idea why Pete made an opera out of a children's story
using forgotten, old artists, but he did and it works.  It's a good story
with a positive message that strikes a chord in the current times of fear
and hate.

I guess there were twice this many songs?  Maybe that would help.  If I 
didn't know how this story ran, I would NEVER figure it out from Pete's 
lyrics.  I remember John said that Pete thought John's songs were too dense, 
but it this case Pete's are too diffuse.  I just can't see the ideas in 
what's there.

>>... the sound ain't pop or rock, it's more to jazz, blues and even gospel
>sometimes... but great songs there...

>And you forgot to mention the most significant one.  Dig is the only
Townshend penned Who song recorded after It's Hard until the Entwistleless
songs of 2004 (and 2005?).  I know it's hard to think of The Mighty Who
making music like that, but they did.  And I think Dig has some of Pete's
most eloquent post-Moon era lyrics.  It's a powerful indictment of hate,
narrow-mindedness and bigotry.

I really like the way Roger sings this on the '89 tour video, but again, I 
don't think the song carries a lot of weight.  I through it makes a simple 
metaphoric statement and then the rest of it is embellishment on the same 
theme.  Where do you see that about "indictment of hate, narrow-mindedness 
and bigotry"?


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