Goodbye Quarwood

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Jan 24 17:23:33 CST 2005

Repost from SohoDoorway.  Apparently there was a going-away party at John's 

>Talking about Falic as we have been guys, I got an invite to go to Quarwood 
>last Saturday from her and Queenie. The house has been sold and to mark the 
>occaision, Queenie and Chris threw the doors open to John's family and 
>friends one last time.

Chris was a great host and was in good sprits, Queen looked fantastic and 
held court in the dining room. Cy, John's oldest friend who had jetted in 
from Hollywood made a beautiful speech and everyone cried. We drank old red 
wine and paid our respects to the "Governor".

Falic organised the crowd of family and friends into groups for photos. I 
have permission to put these pictures on our web site 
( I'll let you know when they are available. 
Needless to say to anyone that knows Falic the vodi was flowing all 

It snowed quite heavily on Saturday night but it didn't keep anyone away. It 
just goes to show how much we all loved John.

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