The Who Mailing List Digest, V12 #12

Honeybee28 at Honeybee28 at
Sun Jan 23 09:45:26 CST 2005

G'mornin Campahs!
Wish VH-1 Classic would sponsor a contest to win a spot at R&R Fantasy Camp, so I can get in on the action. Air fare: about $200+. Hotel accomodations: about $100 a night. 5 days jamming with Roger...priceless. ;-)
There, I would bring a pamphlet on Asperger's Syndrome, show it to Roger and maybe ask if he would help create awareness. His random acts of kindness are what got him the CBE to begin with, so he'd probably jump on it. I'd have trouble making eye contact, though, it's one of my symptoms. 
Hpe to see you in person soon, IGTC'ers! 

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