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Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Sat Jan 22 08:48:14 CST 2005

>Joe Lewinski
>Kevin in VT - OT (How's the snow?)


>How's the snow been so far in Jan?

Actually, what snow???
Ya want snow, go to Akron.
Last time I was out boarding was before Christmas.
And then it was pretty shabby.
We had a "base killer" storm last week that brought temps up to 60 degrees, 
and then a violent wind-driven rain deluge that washed all the melt down.
Our local river (Huntington River) was out of it's banks.  It's fed by 
That storm was followed the next day by a 50 degree plunge in temps which 
froze everything up rock solid.
Since then, we've gotten (here at my house at about 1000ft) about 6" total 
over the course of 2 or three light snowfalls.
The resorts (at 4K) got a little bit more.
Stick to the big resorts that can kick out large amounts of man-made to keep 
the base up.
Otherwise, pray for snow along with the rest of us.

Oh, and it was 23 degrees below zero (just temp, no wind-chill) at 6am this 
At midnight last night (22 below) I went out with a mug of hot water and 
threw it into the air.......
It all crystallized before hitting the ground.
I've always wanted to do that.

Never seen the dogs run back from doing their "stuff" so fast.

>We're headed to SW VT sometime
>in Feb.  Hopefully you'll get dumped on before we arrive.

A buddy of mine went skiing at Mad River Glen (20min. South of me) on 
Thursday and said it was starting to improve, and was getting respectable.
For what that's worth.
You should be fine by February........we hope.

Ya gotta make it further North if ya want to ride with me!
Sugarbush, Jay....Stowe (if you can afford that overpriced joint).
But, I hear from a good buddy of mine (see www.besnow.com ) that Okemo 
Here's the best link I know to track forecasts in VT. (check out local 
forecasts and discussion)

E-mail me if you need links to resorts, etc.
Kevin in VT 

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