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Fri Jan 21 20:24:20 CST 2005

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>I like Iron Man a lot...

Me, too.  I have no idea why Pete made an opera out of a children's story 
using forgotten, old artists, but he did and it works.  It's a good story 
with a positive message that strikes a chord in the current times of fear 
and hate.  Much of the music, while "a bit un-typical of the old Who," is 
very enjoyable.  The only song I really don't like is the finale, New Life, 
which is a little bit too corny.  I had a problem getting used to A Friend 
is a Friend, with Pete's falsetto, "woodland creature" backing vocals and 
chorus of children, but, as with the rest of the album, the message is the 
key.  This is, without a doubt, Pete's most positive work and I for one am 
glad to have it as a view into a part of his persona that would be otherwise 

> ... the sound ain't pop or rock, it's more to jazz, blues and even gospel 
> sometimes... but great songs there...

And you forgot to mention the most significant one.  Dig is the only 
Townshend penned Who song recorded after It's Hard until the Entwistleless 
songs of 2004 (and 2005?).  I know it's hard to think of The Mighty Who 
making music like that, but they did.  And I think Dig has some of Pete's 
most eloquent post-Moon era lyrics.  It's a powerful indictment of hate, 
narrow-mindedness and bigotry.

I've never read the John Hughes book and have only seen parts of Iron Giant, 
but I think Iron Man (the musical) does a great job of presenting a very 
moving story in a way that lets kids and adults use their imaginations, 
unlike the latest Pixar animated kiddy flick.

Jim M 

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