Where we all at, at the moment?

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Fri Jan 21 18:04:44 CST 2005

> I think significant radio play might be out of the question.  I don't know, 
> is radio even relevant anymore?

To me personally, no.  But to many others, yes.  I hardly ever listen to rock
music on the radio.  I like classical music, on low volume, in the background
at work.  In my car, I'll listen to weird AM stations playing Carly Simon or 
Gordon Lightfoot - transporting my mind back to the glorious '70s.

But rock & roll?  Classic rock?  Nope.  I've heard those 100 songs before.
That's all they play.  The same 100 songs, over & over.  You can name them
off the top of your head.

But I think many people still do listen to classic rock radio.  They like those
same hundred songs, over & over.  It's like a broken in pair of shoes:  no
startling stimuli.

So, that's where The Who gotta get some exposure.  I *know* those stations
will take a chance on new music by old artists.  When I was a regular listener,
I heard them do it.

But The Who has to make it easy for them.  They have to come up with at
least *one* bitchin' single.  A really catchy song.  Catchy & tough.  Catchy
& powerful.

Good luck, men.

But, speaking of radio, I heard a story that some markets are experimenting
with stations that have playlists from a wider range of genres - instead of
sticking with the rigid formats:  classic, oldies, rap/soul, country, etc.  I've 
yet to hear such a radio station.

But college radio stations have always carried the mantle.  Usually, they'll give
you plenty of variety & an escape from the run-of-the-mill selections.   

> OK, then I think great is possible.  As long as we're not expecting another 
> Quadrophenia.  

No OX.  No Moon.  No QUAD.

> The biggest question mark for me is what on earth the songs 
> will be *about*. 

I trust Pete will come up with something interesting, something intelligent.  Of
course each song will have to judged on its own.  I hope there aren't too
many "corny Pete songs."  No awkward "How Can You Do It Alone"-type
songs.  It'll be hard (!) not to look at the songs through the lens of Pete's 
high profile arrest.  Unless he comes right out & states that all his songs on
the album were written years ago.  But, if he uses new material......

> Pete has announced it won't be a concept album.  That's bad news, as far 
> as I'm concerned.  

No, that's good news.  A concept album would pigeon-hole his writing.
I want little song-vignettes.  Little bursts of anger.  Frustration.  Despair.
Joyousness.  Unrelated emotions.  Like Kevin, on one of his bipolar, lawn chair
throwing fits.  I want this to be Pete's emotional release from all that's happened 
in the past few years.  Because, in a sense, it'll be *my* release, as well.  I see 
myself when I see The Who.  

- SCHRADE in Akron

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