This ain't no Stones album....

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Wed Jan 19 13:11:56 CST 2005

>Jim M NakedI 
>This ain't no Stones album....
>> This will be the first new Who album in over 23 years!
>The more I see that, the less I believe it.

It would have to suck for it not to be released.
Given all the legal wrangling that we've seen (Rabbit, Curbishley,
etc.), we're obviously closer than we've ever been in the last.....23

>> Good or bad, it *will* cause a stir.
>I think we should have a contest,


>like a baby pool.


>How can we measure this

A ruler?

>What about highest position and number of weeks in the Billboard
>album chart?

Well, I'm not holding out much hope of any new album climbing the
Rock just isn't mainstream enough anymore.
When I wrote "stir", I was thinking of amount of chatter about the
album.  Chatter on Stern, chatter on usual web locations, chatter on
radio stations, Press releases, newspaper articles, etc.
*That's* the extent of the stir that I think we'll see....initially at
Now (really trying not to get any hopes up), if there is enough of a
positive "stir" (see above definition), then chart climbing could

Kevin in VT

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