Iron Man

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Wed Jan 19 06:13:15 CST 2005

I like Iron Man a lot... I remember till now the very first day I listen 
to... that sound so beautiful, kinda church thing, evangelical stuff… maybe 
for that reason people don't like it... the sound ain't pop or rock, it's 
more to jazz, blues and even gospel sometimes... but great songs there... 
beginning with the epic song I Won't Run Any More (great power chords 
there), the funny Over the Top (with John Lee Hooker), the sweetness of 
Friend Is a Friend, the electronic power (great synthesizer work there) of I 
Eat Heavy Metal (with John Lee Hooker again) passing through the beautiful 
gospel All Shall Be Well, the romantics of Was There Life and Fool Says 
(great acoustic work there), the super atonal and vanguardist Fast Food 
(with Nina Simone), the power trio of Fire and ending with the gospel New 
Life/Reprise... I like very much, it's beautiful, it's different, and has 
deep meaning, rationalizing about the western societies... the duality of 
materialism (the Iron Man) and hedonism (the dragon) and how to survive 
healthy to this antagonism, exerting temperance (when the Iron Man defeats 
the dragon). Summarizing, I love Iron Man.


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>>>IRON MAN is pretty bad.  IMO.
>>Pretty bad? Real bad possibly - coulda been my last PT purchase 
>for a friend who helped.
>I'm not sure the material is bad--I dislike the album, so I haven't been 
>able to really listen to it.  Because we're generally Pete solo fans (or at 
>least tolenernt enough to buy his albums), it might be interesting to have 
>a look at this one and decide what went wrong.
>Why is Iron Man so bad?  In other words, where did Pete go so wrong on this 
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